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Together we build what’s right for you
Hi, my name is Jillian Mooney and I’m a nutritionist and a certified life coach with over 20 years experience. While I may be the nutrition expert, you are the only expert in your life. Only you know how your life works, what priorities you have, what strengths you bring and what obstacles you face when it come to implementing a nutrition plan.

More energy, better sleep, greater health … life just works better with a little more direction from Jillian and a little extra effort from me. It’s so worth it!

Julie, Your Nutrition Toolkit user

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  • I am tired of trying to figure out the best way to eat to get the results I want.
  • I have a new vision for myself and feel motivated to start to move towards it.
  • I don’t know what to do with my nutrition but I do know that I have to do something different.
  • I want to experience more energy, health, purpose or confidence around what I eat.
  • I want to experience less struggle and negativity around what I eat.
  • I am willing to devote a certain period of time and energy to make nutritional change a priority.

If you have answered YES to 4 out of the above 6 statements then you are ready for nutritional change.

So what's in the toolkit?

Your Nutrition Toolkit is designed with flexibility and choice in mind.

There are 3 different packages all of which can be delivered via video link, in person, by phone or in combination, which means you can be at your kitchen table or your office desk. You decide.

Your Starter Package includes a nutrition assessment and consult plus a complete starter nutrition plan delivered within 3 days of your consult.

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Your 3-hour package combines Your Starter Package plus 1 hour 45 mins of follow-up consults where we refine, adjust and expand your toolkit as needed.

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Your 6-hour package is for those who feel they need an in-depth assessment and additional nutrition and coaching support as change is implemented. All consults can be booked in time increments that suit you.

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Your Top-Up Consults (45 minutes) can be purchased at any time beyond the confines of your chosen package.

Who knows when you may just need that little bit of extra time or coaching support. 

Contact Jillian to book your initial FREE phone call.

From confusion to confidence and from feeling alone in my diet struggles to having someone walk beside me - that is my experience of Your Nutrition Toolkit.

Marjorie, Your Nutrition Toolkit user

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