About Jillian Mooney

I am a Nutritionist and an Accredited Life Coach with over 20 years experience.

My formal education includes a Bachelor degree in Sport Studies from Newcastle University and a Masters in Nutrition from Bastyr University in Seattle, USA. With this training, I follow a scientific approach … albeit a flexible one. I secured my coaching credentials following a productive stint at Adler University in Canada, where I studied Life / Performance Coaching. I am a member of and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

My informal education, which in many ways I regard as my real education has been garnered throughout my career working with a variety of different teams and individuals all of whom have one common goal –to nourish and support their health, performance or life in a way that works better for them.

These individuals have ranged from athletes who want to fuel their performance to people who don’t even own a pair of trainers! From working folks trying to find nutritional balance, to people wanting to lean down, to people simply wanting to feel and do better around their nutrition and food choices.

So, enough about me … tell me about you. You are the only expert on you. Only you know how your life works, what priorities you have and what obstacles you face when it comes to implementing a nutrition plan. Talk to me and we can decide how best to work together

Jill Mooney, on a brief need to know –


  • BA Sports Studies, Newcastle University, U.K.
  • MSc Nutrition, Bastyr University, Seattle, USA
  • Cert life/performance coaching, Adler University, Canada 


20+ years working with teams and individuals, seeking to nourish and support their health, performance or life in a way that works better for them.

Career Highlight:

Working (since 2013) as the Performance Nutritionist for World Endurance Cycling Team - Team Joe Barr